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Lead Classes

Let our professional instructors help you transition from top roping to lead climbing. This class is spread over four Monday's and focuses on clipping and lead belaying techniques as well as the mental aspects required. All equipment is included. Classes run the first four Monday nights of the month from 7-9pm. Prerequisites: Top rope belay certified for 6 months and 5.10 climbing level.


Members - $100

Nonmembers - $120

lead classes

Belay classes

Belay Classes

Our Belay class will teach you the essential skills needed to belay at the Rogue Rock Gym. Taught by a highly skilled Rogue Rock Gym staff you’ll learn to properly put on a harness, tie into the rope, and belay a partner. This class includes a free seven day membership to practice your new skills. The Basic Ropes Course is offered Wednesday and Friday nights from 7:00PM-9:00PM and has a max class size of four participants. Our Intro classes typically fill up about a week in advance, so give us a call today to reserve your spot. Have a group of four or more? Call us to schedule a private Intro to Indoor Climbing class at your convenience.


Members - $30

Nonmembers - $40


Hoping to break through to the next level or build great habits to start? Our hour long technique classes are personalized instruction to meet your goals and needs. From beginners to advanced climbing technique this class teaches movement, footwork, body position, strength training and climbing strategy. Call to schedule.


Members - $50 per person

Nonmembers - $60 per person

* Our Technique Class is private session with our instructor, please call the gym to make an appointment!



Preparing to Climb

Want to go from the gym to the outdoor crag? This is everything and anything you want to know about rock climbing. This may include, outdoor techniques, anchors, self rescue, aid climbing, and more. This class is customized to your needs in order to help you reach goals beyond the gym. Call to schedule.


Members - $60

Nonmembers - $70

* Our Advanced Class is private session with our instructor, please call the gym to make an appointment!

Private Instructin
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