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Meet THe Rogue rock gym Staff


Matt Lambert


Climbing Experience: I began climbing in the early 90's with the Boy Scouts. Climbing has taken me around the world from Thailand to the Himilayas. I've enjoyed all aspects of climbing from bouldering and multi-pitch rope climbing to mountaineering and ice climbing.


Favorite Climbing Style: I'd say that I enjoy Big Wall climbing the most because I love messing with gear and being thousands of feet off the ground.

Fun Fact: I have a sailboat obsession.


Credentials: AHA First Aid/CPR certified,  I've worked and taught climbing skills in indoor gyms for over 15 years. I have also worked as an outdoor rock climbing mountaineering guide in several states and internationally. I've also summited El Capitan 25 times, twice on my own climbing roped-solo.


Gaur Groover

Head Coach / Manager

Climbing Experience: I've been climbing for around a hundred and nine years. After the first day of climbing I knew I wouldn't be able to stop, Since then I have climbed in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and a crag or two in the ol' USA. The plan is to keep climbing as much as possible!


Favorite Climbing Style: I have always enjoyed the raw power and intensity of bouldering. So I am going to have to say that is my favorite. But the mental focus and drive of a long rope climb will come in as a close second.


Fun fact: I love sloths.

Credentials: Biceps.

IMG_6435 2.HEIC

Dash Fraser Moyers

Head Routesetter / Coach

Climbing Experience:  Started climbing around 12 years old at the old SOU racquetball/climbing gym and then moved over to RRG when it opened. After a bit of a hiatus, I found myself back in the gym and was totally hooked all over again.

Favorite Climbing Style: Bouldering for sure. I've learned to love sport climbing as well, but I'll always be most stoked when out developing new spots and bouldering with the crew. 


Fun Fact:  I'm a 35mm film nerd.


Credentials: Watched entirely too many Mellow videos. 

DashNewNew (2).png

Zenas Rios-Brinker

 Routesetter / Front desk

Climbing Experience: 10.5 years of bouldering top rope and sport climbing in gyms and outdoor locations through Oregon and Washington.


Favorite Climbing Style: I don't really have a favorite type of climbing because I love climbing as a whole. The mental and physical challenge that it provides as well as the beautiful locations and fun outdoor loving people that come along with climbing. 


Fun Fact: I had a near phobic fear of heights before I started climbing.


Credentials: AHA First Aid/CPR certified, Southern Oregon University basic climbing course, lead climbing certification from the Rogue Rock Gym. 


Emma perreault

Routesetter / Head Coach / Front desk

Climbing Experience: I have been climbing since 2016, both indoor and outdoor climbing experience. I've climbed in Nevada, Utah, California, Greece and of course Oregon. Excited to visit some international crags next!

Favorite Climbing Style: My favorite style of climbing is sport climbing. I love long routes, clipping bolts and getting high. Although I've learned to love bouldering as well I'll always try harder on lead.


Fun Fact: I always listen to ABBA on the way to the crag.


Credentials: Certified Personal Trainer, First aid certified, WFR and Rescue 3 Rope Rescue Technician 

blaaaa (2).jpg

Keera Petersen

Coach / Front Desk / Designer

Climbing Experience: I have been climbing for four or five years? I am mostly a gym rat but have climbed outside some :)


Favorite Climbing Style: I am mainly a boulderer because of my fear of heights but after a climbing injury I am trying to become a rope person. ( boulders still rule )


Fun Fact: Zenas is my chess rival


Credentials: AHA First Aid/CPR certified, lead and top rope climbing certification from the Rogue Rock Gym


Aliyah Zweig

Youth Program coordinator / Front desk / Coach

Climbing Experience: I've been climbing for just over 5 years! I love climbing outdoors and have climbed in Maine, California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Colorado. This is the second climbing gym at which I've worked.


Favorite Climbing Style: Big ol' sporty whips. 

Fun Fact: I'm also a flower and veggie farmer -- I love food. 


Credentials: Certified Wilderness First Responder, CPR & AED, Outdoor Ed. Background, TR & Lead Certified 


Rece Moser

Youth Instructor / Front Desk

Climbing Experience: Three years of climbing experience at the RRG, one year on our climbing team. I have also climbed outdoors at Smith Rock twice and just outside of Yosemite once.


Favorite Climbing Style: I don't really have a favorite climbing style, I enjoy bouldering and lead climbing mainly however I will jump on top rope from time to time.

Fun Fact: I'm tall?


Credentials: AED, CPR, Belay Certification, and First Aid Certification.


Lyric SYlvan

Climbing Experience: I've been climbing for four years. I've spent a lot of time here in the gym and quite a bit outside at our local crags.


Favorite Climbing Style: Rocks


Fun Fact: I don't know what I'm doing


Credentials: Passed RRG top rope belay test (maybe...)

Youth Instructor / Birthday Party staff
Routesetter / Front desk

Gabriel Luksich

Climbing Experience: I've been climbing for around 3 years, mostly here at the gym but some outdoor bouldering and sport as well.


Favorite Climbing Style: Anything... but... slab...


Fun Fact: I'm also a mountain biker and you'll probably see me shredding down the local trails some time!


Credentials: Very attentive spotter and belay certified.



Rogue Rock Gym was founded in September of 2005 as The Rogue Valleys first full service indoor climbing facility. Our vision was to create a meeting place for the local climbing community, as well as provide safe qualified instruction to newcomers to the sport. In our 11 years of operations we have served over 30,000 climbers. Our youth programs have helped build strength and inspire confidence for hundreds of kids in our area and our Climbing Team has helped produce competitors at the National level.

Our mission is to continue to provide a safe and fun climbing environment accessible to climbers of any ability level, from beginner to professional. We take pride in our years of experience instructing fundamental to advanced climbing skills, as well as our ability to create fun, unique and challenging climbing routes on our walls.

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