Matt Lambert


Climbing Experience: I began climbing in the early 90's with the Boy Scouts. Climbing has taken me around the world from Thailand to the Himilayas. I've enjoyed all aspects of climbing from bouldering and multi-pitch rope climbing to mountaineering and ice climbing.


Favorite Climbing Style: I'd say that I enjoy Big Wall climbing the most because I love to be thousands of feet off the ground living on the cliff for multiple days in a row, like a vertical backpacking adventure.


Fun Fact: I have a sailboat obsession.


Credentials: AHA First Aid/CPR certfied,  I've worked and taught climbing skills in indoor gyms for over 15 years. I have also worked as an outdoor rock climbing mountaineering guide in several states and internationally. I've also summited El Capitan 20 times, twice on my own climbing roped-solo.

Zenas Rios-Brinker

Youth Instructor / Routesetter

Climbing Experience: Three years of bouldering top rope and sport climbing in gyms and outdoor locations through Oregon and Washington.


Favorite Climbing Style: I don't really have a favorite type of climbing because I love climbing as a whole. The mental and physical challenge that it provides as well as the beautiful locations and fun outdoor loving people that come along with climbing.


Fun Fact: I had a near phobic fear of heights before I started climbing.


Credentials: AHA First Aid/CPR certfied, Southern Oregon University basic climbing course, lead climbing certification from the Rogue Rock Gym

Gaur Groover

Head Coach / Head Routesetter

Climbing Experience: : I've been climbing for around nine years. After the first day of climbing I knew I wouldn't be able to stop, Since then I have climbed in Spain,France,Germany,Italy,Sweden and a crag or two in the ol' USA. The plan is to keep climbing as much as possible!


Favorite Climbing Style: I have always enjoyed the raw power and intensity of bouldering. So I am going to have to say that is my favorite. But the mental focus and drive of a long rope climb will come in as a close second.


Fun fact: I love sloths.

Credentials: Biceps.

Tyler "funny man" Seutter

Front Desk /Anything and Everything/Great Shoulder to Lean On

Climbing Experience: : I grew up emulating pro climber Peter Dixon.  So naturally I became an amazing rock climber. I was an angsty 16-year-old when I found the inspiration of the other Rogue Staff.  Whether it be Matt's mature stature on the wall, Gaur's powerful one arm lock offs, Zenas’s great gear choices,  I grew inspired by this crew.

Favorite Climbing Style:  I really enjoy horizontal climbing, mostly class 1.  Some people call this “hiking” but they don't really understand the intensity of class 1 climbing juxtaposed to the typical class 5 climbing grade you often see. . 


Fun fact:  I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and my Trail Name is "Giving Tree."

Credentials: My parents think I am fantastic. In all seriousness, I’m Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified and have spent countless hours learning climbing both inside and outside. Seriously though, my mom thinks I’m great.