Youth Programs


In our Junior Program participants will learn the fundamentals of rock climbing. Highly trained instructors will teach topics such as technique, safe harness use, how to tie essential knots and fitness training with a focus on safety. This is a fun program for both beginners and advanced climbers. Emphasis on safety, respect and fun!


Monthly Rate - $100

w/ membership - $125


Classes offered:

Monday 4.00PM-6.00PM
Tuesday 1.00PM-3.00PM
Thursday 1.00PM-3.00PM

Friday 4.00PM-6.00PM


The Everest Club is the perfect program for experienced climbers and those wanting to learn. Climbers in the Everest Club will learn lots of new and challenging climbing skills such as lead climbing, anchor building, ascending and descending fixed ropes and advanced technique. Participants must be belay competent and have instructor recommendation prior to joining the program.


Monthly Rate - $100

w/ membership - $125


Classes offered:

Wednesday 4.00PM-6.00PM


The Rogue Rock Climbing Team welcomes youth of all skill levels looking to challenge themselves in a competitive climbing format. This competitive sport engages students with physical and mental challenges through climbing and competition with opportunities for improvement, leadership, and teamwork. Coaches support each individual in their unique development as a climber, while fostering a safe and supportive team environment. Team members will participate in a number of local bouldering and sport climbing competitions with the opportunity to progress to regional and national competitions.


Preliminary meeting with the Head Coach or a letter (e-mail) of interest must be submitted for approval prior to joining the team.


Monthly Rate - $140

w/ membership - $165


Practice times:

Tuesday 5.00PM-7.00PM

Thursday 5.00PM-7.00PM